Curricula Overview

The Pure & Simple Choice curriculum, developed by Pure & Simple Health Education, Inc., is a three part video series telling the stories of fictional teenagers attending the same high school during their junior and senior years following graduation.

The Award Winning Pure & Simple Choice curriculum:

  • Deals with decision-making, goal-setting, refusal skills, relationship and communication skills, and developing character.
  • Stories and characters vary with each series, with consistent underlying themes of primary prevention; importance of making conscious decisions to refrain from unhealthy behaviors including sexual activity, alcohol use, and illicit drug use.
  • Each series may stand alone or be used in sequence for the greatest effect and impact.
  • Engages teen audiences through storytelling, interactive group activities, and directed discussions.
  • Evidence based, age appropriate, medically accurate, and based on the stages of psychosocial and whole person development and social cognitive learning and reasoned behavior theories.
  • Requires parent consent and teen assent.
  • Uses pre- and post- surveys.
  • Demonstrates positive change of knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and intentions towards healthy choices and refraining from high risk behaviors.
  • Curriculum development and evaluation published in peer-reviewed journals.

See More About Each Curriculum:


Pure & Simple Choice I

  • Eight lessons tell the store of JC, Mariah, Lisa, and Trey as they make choices regarding sexual activity and alcohol use, media, and peer pressure.
  • Target audience – 6th and 8th grade
  • 45 minutes per episode

Pure & Simple Choice II

  • Eight episodes of Jamal, Whitney, Tiana, and Luke facing similar challenges and choices whether to be sexually active or not, and dealing with sexually transmitted diseases and pregnancy consequences.
  • Target audience – 7th and 9th grade.
  • 45 minutes per episode.

Pure & Simple REVAMP (Choice III)

  • Six lessons relate the story of Rashad, Tom, Donisha, and Jacinta, friends of characters in the two earlier series, dealing with situations shortly after high school graduation. Topics include depression and suicide, illicit drug use, sexual assault, repercussions of a poor reputation, making a healthy decision to change behavior, and developing healthy relationships.
  • Two additional optional lessons available covering fertility awareness and use-effectiveness of contraceptives.
  • Target audience – 9th and 11th grade
  • 45 minutes per episode.
  • Optional worksheet used for decision-making and healthy behavior changes requires an additional 15 minutes

Pure & Simple Choice SMART

  • Short lesson scenarios adaptable to audiences with varying levels of learning disabilities.
  • Four lesson plans designed to guide parents or educators.
  • Middle and high school versions use the same four lesson plans.
  • Explains growth and development as persons, responsibilities to others in authority, appreciation of friendships, respecting the privacy of others, and how choices affect consequences

Pure & Simple Parenting

  • Parenting Today
This presentation is designed to educate, motivate, and empower parents in dealing with sexual issues teenagers face in the 21st century. Parents leave this presentation more knowledgeable about the influences of teen peers and the media. They are better prepared to articulate expectations and set boundaries to help their teens in the choice to live the abstinent lifestyle.
  • Talk About The Talk
This presentation and discussion is to assist parents in how and what to include in ‘The Birds & The Bees” talk with kids. Parents will get advise, tips and a refresher course for discussing sex and forming and supporting their children to uphold themselves in abstinence.      

Other Services

  • Pure & Simple Speaks
We also offer single session presentations for youth with an overview of the learning points of our curricula: Whole Person Development and the risks of sexual activity to all areas of the person.  
  • Custom Presentations
Pure and Simple Health Education, Inc. offers individual presentations on featured topics of the host’s choosing, such as, chastity, personal development, and incorporating virtues into daily life. The presentation can be created for almost any time allotment and include Q&A and interactive options.  
  • Abstinence & Sexual Development Materials
Our office provides a library of materials on teens, sexuality and all that encompasses those topics. We have over 100 materials available for review or to borrow. We also have books, bracelets, rings, a wide variety pamphlets, and more for purchase!