To be or not to be…all about that bass?

As everyone is likely aware half the battle of abstinence education is the push back from society, the abstinence education movement has to change minds while carving out a space for its followers to exist right in the middle of the cultural battlefield.

In my new capacity at Pure and Simple I have been looking for how to strike the perfect balance between the sexually overdosed world and the pro abstinence culture we are working to build. Since we do have to be integrated with people of many views where we live, work, learn and sometimes even worship, its important we are able to maintain our beliefs and be a part of society. Whether we lead by example or by gently baring witness to all the benefits chastity can offer we have to be a beacon right in the trenches and not our own separate subculture.

A catchy song I feel exemplifies how we thrive in our current cultural backdrop and possibly even to bolster our abstinence message is Meghan Trainor’s “All About The Bass.”

“Whhhhhaaaaat? What is wrong with this girl?” you ask.

No doubt the song has fairly straight forward innuendo for a curvy, female form, however, it doesn’t get graphically or carnally inappropriate. By stating she is in favor of ‘bass’ instead of ‘treble’ the singer is declaring she is not only ok with but is in support of having a heavy, larger ‘gluteal metaphor.’ Confidence, always attractive and in 99% of situations is beneficial! Besides, I think either side of the abstinence education opinion can agree butt metaphors are, if nothing else, amusing. Honestly, the gluteus maximus is something humans are fascinated by whether its your offsping’s adorable little tushy or siblings discussing which side of the family a butt shape was inherited from.

The lyrics defend a positive body image with the phrase “Boys like a little more booty to hold at night.”

Negatives: This leaves many to say, why is the male mark of approval required to justify how a female should aspire to look? Aside from that, its not specified if this is a ‘one time boy’ or the man that is devoted enough to you to join your lives in matrimonial commitment.

Positives: The statement seems to be saying, love your body the way it is and boys like it that way too! Given that it is surrounded by free standing body praise like “Every bit of you is perfect from the bottom to the top!” it demonstrates to me to be a justified acknowledgement that, humans do like to be found attractive, particularly to the opposite sex. (Problems can come about when a person goes to negative lengths for this attention, like showing a lot of skin or wildly provocative written or face-to- face communication.) The specific relationship to the boys in question is, in fact, not specified so while it may not have a footnote to support chastity it certainly doesn’t make any mention of premarital sex, or even sex at all.

So the song is not perverse, but how does it further our cause?

So often individuals report premarital sexual experiences as an antidote to the inner emptiness. Having sex with ‘just a friend’ or a one night stand is a means to get that immediate something. That positive reinforcement that reassures a person “I am devastatingly attractive, I am praiseworthy, I am a total Helen or Adonis just born this way! If I wasn’t all those things this person would be able to control him/herself around me (even though he or she doesn’t care if I have food on the table, accomplished any of my career aspirations or am mentally stable!) #wokeuplikethis! ”

Unfortunately, no matter how legitimate of a justification a person has after the encounter the opposite outcome is the case. Instead of confidence, (knowing whatever it is…you’ve got it just the way you are,) there is a bigger, bolder, shaky question mark in your mirror. What did I do wrong, why did the other person not bother to text? Why is he or she talking to other conquests within days of our encounter? If he or she would just have come to my party we would be compatible! Did they lie about being free of disease? The insecurity builds with every consideration, question, and justification!

This heartbreak paves the way for further self destructive decisions when it all could have just been avoided.

But wait, bearing my soul and physical body through sex is outstanding because I am outstanding!!! As an individual, look at all of your shining qualities and consider if anyone is worthy of sharing in those experiences? You don’t truly know until that spiritual and legal commitment of marriage is made. How do we uphold that our sexuality is outstanding if we don’t know that WE are outstanding? Better self confidence is a cornerstone to this.

Will an anthem about butt acceptance stop premarital sex? Definitely not! But… (pun absolutely intentional) there are so many factors that are needed to transform society a self esteem boosting anthem can help reinforce to individuals, “You are righteous JUST as You are! You just do you! I’m accepting applications for significant others but not just anyone with a compliment and half witted offering will cut it. I’m worth it and I know it!”

In short, if we can survive in pop culture while taking a positive from it then I say, “Lets get out on that metaphorical dance floor and get our abstinence positive message out there among the people!”


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